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Fun Entertainment Options for Your Event

You and your guests are supposed to have the time of your lives at your wedding ceremony. Everyone comes to a wedding with expectations of fun and excitement! Don’t disappoint them and fill your day [...]

Heels or Flats for your Wedding Ceremony?

While heels are a lady’s best friend and have lots of advantages, what if you are all for being comfortable and having a good time? Are flats a taboo for your wedding ceremony? The answer [...]

Guide to Wedding Music

A wedding is truly the most special of events, so you can’t hold back when your big day finally arrives. But what’s a wedding without music? And you want just any kind of music for [...]

5 Essential Grooming Routines for the Groom

Grooms also need beauty routines at their wedding, which is usually more than a bespoke wedding suit. From teeth whitening to maintenance of their beard, there are several routines that will elevate the look of [...]

How to make a wedding website

Creating a website is the first thing to do just after picking your wedding date. Your wedding site will include all information about your big day, ranging from dress code to the venue of the [...]

5 Expenses Bridesmaids Are Expected to Cover

We know that it might sound awkward having to pay for certain things at your friend’s wedding-especially if you have a tight budget-but it’s necessary. You can also feel indebted when the bride has always [...]

4 Tips for Communicating with Your Vendor

Wedding vendors are extremely important because they play a key role in making your fantasies become reality. Hence, it is important to communicate with them effectively, lest you suffer a bad wedding experience. Beyond phone [...]

Where to Hide an Engagement Ring Before You Propose

So many men ask the age-old question of how to keep the engagement ring hidden, safe, and away from their partner’s prying eyes. You definitely don't want your partner seeing the ring just before you [...]

5 Things You Must Make Time for At Your Wedding

A wedding comes with so much stress and so many activities and fun moments that many couples forget to put priorities in place. Grooms have been known to forget to give the thank you speech [...]

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