Some couples dismiss the importance of having a professional DJ at their events. This could be due to different reasons, notorious among them being an attempt to save money. However, investing your money in areas that will make you happy at the end of your event is never a waste.

Good music and entertainment make every celebration or ceremony more enjoyable and only a professional DJ can help you achieve this. DJs know how to control the mood of the guests, and the quality of your DJ will influence how enjoyable and fun your party is. Here are the main reasons why you should hire a DJ.



  • Master in Reading the Crowd

Professional DJs are very great at selecting music. They know when the crowd needs slow music to evoke emotions and they also know when to energize the crowd by playing upbeat songs. From their booths, they can read the moods of the guests and give them what they want.


  • Variety

As opposed to hiring a band or musician for performance, a DJ deals with a variety of music genres. From pop to classics to RnB, be sure your guests will enjoy a range of music genres. Also, professional DJs now know how to transition from one song to another and from one genre to another without any awkward pause or silence.


  • The Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is just as important as playing the right songs. Professional DJs work with high-quality equipment needed to deliver clear music. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, an intimate wedding, or a large wedding, a DJ knows just the right equipment to use.


At Nightbeat Entertainment, we not only offer unique DJ and entertainment services but also pay attention to our DJ setups and equipment. We believe every event is different, so we personalize our services to all clients.

With our 30 years of experience in this business, be assured that your event will be one of a kind, a memorable occasion for you and your guests! Get started with us today by calling us at (616) 389 – 0196 or clicking here to contact us for more information.