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Fun Entertainment Options for Your Event

You and your guests are supposed to have the time of your lives at your wedding ceremony. Everyone comes to a wedding with expectations of fun and excitement! Don’t disappoint them and fill your day full of entertaining activities. From musical chairs to bingos and photo booths, below are fun entertainment options to make your event fun.     Have A Plan For Kids You can have separate entertainment options for kids in their own designated area. This will allow
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5 Reasons Why a Professional Wedding DJ is a Necessity for Your Wedding

Some couples dismiss the importance of having a professional DJ at their events. This could be due to different reasons, notorious among them being an attempt to save money. However, investing your money in areas that will make you happy at the end of your event is never a waste. Good music and entertainment make every celebration or ceremony more enjoyable and only a professional DJ can help you achieve this. DJs know how to control the mood of the
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Heels or Flats for your Wedding Ceremony?

While heels are a lady’s best friend and have lots of advantages, what if you are all for being comfortable and having a good time? Are flats a taboo for your wedding ceremony? The answer is no and here’s why.     The Wedding March If you are not used to wearing heels on a regular, then your wedding day might not be the day to start. We just cannot have you cascading down in all your white glory, at
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Guide to Wedding Music

A wedding is truly the most special of events, so you can’t hold back when your big day finally arrives. But what’s a wedding without music? And you want just any kind of music for the big day, no. Your wedding music is supposed to mean something to you and your spouse. It’s supposed to be music that not only accentuates the joyous day but also something to keep your friends and loved ones smiling for the entirety of the
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5 Essential Grooming Routines for the Groom

Grooms also need beauty routines at their wedding, which is usually more than a bespoke wedding suit. From teeth whitening to maintenance of their beard, there are several routines that will elevate the look of the groom on his big day. These grooming routines will you feel like a celebrity and in many ways, on your wedding day, aren’t you indeed a celebrity?     Visit your barber  If you want your hair to look like Ryan Reynolds or Brad
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