Grooms also need beauty routines at their wedding, which is usually more than a bespoke wedding suit. From teeth whitening to maintenance of their beard, there are several routines that will elevate the look of the groom on his big day. These grooming routines will you feel like a celebrity and in many ways, on your wedding day, aren’t you indeed a celebrity?



  • Visit your barber 

If you want your hair to look like Ryan Reynolds or Brad Pritt’s on your wedding day, the barbershop is your answer. You do this probably every week but, for this event, make the barber understand how special the day is and he must make you look your possible best yet! Ii will cost you more but it’s more than worth it, don’t you agree?


  • Get a facial 

You should get a facial treatment for your wedding so you’ll feel young again on a day that holds so much meaning to you and your bride. A facial will remove all the acne and pimples and cater to dry skin too. It will bring back the charm you still have even if it’s been dormant for a while, and your fiancée will be glad her man look’s so great!


  • Shiny white teeth 

You want your smile to stun everyone at your wedding, don’t you? A visit to the dentist is in order., then. This will remove coffee red wine and more stains from food and drinks. Shiny white teeth will make you feel and look good and make photos look considerably better.


  • Book a manicure

A manicurist will cater to your nails and cuticles and get your fingernails looking clean and great. It doesn’t have to be an extreme acrylic; just a simple treatment to properly get your hand ready for cutting the cake and holding on to your bride for the first dance. And a pedicure won’t be amiss too.


  • Massage 

Do yourself a favor by getting a relaxing massage to rub away all tension just before your big day.  The massage will erode the stress that comes with planning the wedding. You will feel your best at the wedding while saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life.


Now that you have the essential checklist to groom yourself just before the wedding, you should secure the services of a professional wedding DJ to play your favorite songs at your wedding reception too, and we’ll be more than happy to assume that role!

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