While heels are a lady’s best friend and have lots of advantages, what if you are all for being comfortable and having a good time? Are flats a taboo for your wedding ceremony? The answer is no and here’s why.



If you are not used to wearing heels on a regular, then your wedding day might not be the day to start. We just cannot have you cascading down in all your white glory, at the point when you should be elegantly walking down the aisle. The solution is to of course wear beautiful flats that you can successfully do your wedding march in.


  • You May Kiss The Bride

You might not necessarily be taller than the love of your life, but those few inches that come with heels might mean that you are the one bending lower when the officiating minister bellows: “You may kiss the bride”. There is nothing wrong with this. But if you’ve been fantasizing about gazing up dreamily into your partner’s eyes before the locking of the lips, heels that make you taller just won’t do. Celebrate your height and wear flats instead.


This one depends on the kind of dance you’ve chosen to have. If the song you’ve chosen has a fast tempo and the dance is equally flamboyant, heels will not let you show your moves perfectly. You also do not want to be rushing to the hospital with a broken ankle, when you should be getting ready to enjoy the rest of your wedding reception with your spouse, family, and friends.

Now whether for any of the above reasons or even if you just happen to prefer flats, flat shoes are not a taboo on your wedding day. If you are worried that you may not find flat shoes that are glam enough for the day, a quick search on the internet should disprove you of such notions. Flats can look amazing enough to be worn on your special day and should be the choice for every bride who wants to have the most fun on that day.


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