You and your guests are supposed to have the time of your lives at your wedding ceremony. Everyone comes to a wedding with expectations of fun and excitement! Don’t disappoint them and fill your day full of entertaining activities. From musical chairs to bingos and photo booths, below are fun entertainment options to make your event fun.



  • Have A Plan For Kids

You can have separate entertainment options for kids in their own designated area. This will allow them to have fun and give their parents the chance to have fun too. This designated room can have a movie set up, babysitter, games, toys, and other things that will impress kids.


  • Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are awesome games that guests of all ages will enjoy. All you need is music and chairs (one chair fewer than the players). The participants dance around the chair while the music plays. Once the music stops, they find a seat to sit. Whoever doesn’t get a seat is out of the game.


  • Magicians

Magicians are a great option. Everyone loves them and their tricks are always fun to watch.


  • Arcade Games

This playful entertainment idea will keep your guests busy and entertained. You can rent games for a friendly competition between your guests.


  • Dance Off

Dance is always a fun activity at wedding events. You could hold dancing competitions and even choreography.


  • Fireworks

Wow your guest with a display of fireworks. This will be very fun especially towards the end of the event for a dramatic climax!


Photo booths have become very popular at weddings. They come in different shapes and sizes and can easily put a fun twist at your event.


At Nightbeat Entertainment, we offer a variety of wedding entertainment options including DJ services, mirror photobooth, uplighting, cake mapping, dancing on cloud and other fun activities that will add flair and life to your event!

We’ve been in business for 30 years offering the people of Chicago the perfect entertainment options to impress their guests, so we have the years and experience to consolidate our excellent services.

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