5 Things You Must Make Time for At Your Wedding

A wedding comes with so much stress and so many activities and fun moments that many couples forget to put priorities in place. Grooms have been known to forget to give the thank you speech and it’s not unheard of for a couple to be too tired to have their first dance together. We all these can threaten to ruin a special day so here are 5 things you simply must make time for, lest you risk having a bad
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How to Relax When He Hasn’t Popped the Question Yet

Having the foresight that your man will propose to you is both an exciting and daunting prospect.  You can’t help but feel nervous, can you? That’s fine. It happens to most-if not all-ladies. But what if you keep waiting and he doesn’t ask? What do you do when the worry starts becoming too great for you to bear? We’re here to tell you it’s all going to work out well in the end. He will ask you to marry him;
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5 Wedding Gift Ideas Every Couple Will Love

Shopping for a wedding gift for a new couple can be hard, especially if you are on a low budget or all the great stuff on their gift registry has been ticked. This might cause a little anxiety because you don’t want to be the only guest or friend that won’t be sending a gift pack to the new couple. Well, here are some thoughtful wedding gifts that every couple will love.     Experience and excursions  You can check
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5 Vendors to Book While Social Distancing and How to Do Them

Planning a wedding during this lockdown can be quite stressful because of the way things are. Almost nothing is normal anymore so planning a wedding means you’ll have to try things you never did before and applies to securing vendors too. If you are trying to get a wedding vendor during this pandemic, here are smart ways to hire them from your home.     Venue: Online Tours Many venues are beginning to do virtual venue tours so you can
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5 Questions to Ask Before Proposing

No one is going to stop you from proposing to your fiancé. People can only offer pieces of advice concerning marriage and the kind of person you should marry. But before you start drafting a proposal speech and go shopping for an engagement ring, you should ask yourself a few important questions before the day you say “I do”.     Does my partner bring out the best in me?  The woman you are about to spend the rest of
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