We know that it might sound awkward having to pay for certain things at your friend’s wedding-especially if you have a tight budget-but it’s necessary. You can also feel indebted when the bride has always supported you and been there for you when you needed her. And look at it this way: What if you’re the bride and it’s your wedding? Wouldn’t you want your friends to make things easier during wedding planning while making you feel special too? Whether it’s paying for the wedding dress, paying for the bouquet, or organizing the bridal shower, here is a simple guide on what bridesmaids are expected to pay for at a wedding.



  • Hotel

Where your bridesmaids stay for the wedding weekend is on them and they should pay for their hotel rooms. But they can discuss their budget with you if their finances cannot pay for the hotel where you are lodged to see the options available. Negotiating a discount by reserving the hotel rooms long before the wedding is also a possibility.


  • Bridal shower 

Your bridesmaids and maid of honor should pay for the bridal shower bill. It’s up to them to organize your last party as a single lady; the exception is if your family is hosting one. They are your friends and covering some things at your bridal shower is just one way to appreciate you.


They should pay for the ensemble that they will wear throughout the wedding. Dresses, shoes, and accessories are their financial responsibility-unless of course you’re going to gift them what they’ll need. Nevertheless, paying for the ensembles is a way to support and make things easier during wedding planning because you’ll have other financial commitments.


Bridesmaids will be investing a lot of time and effort into your wedding, and even though they’ll make some sacrifices, it shouldn’t stop them from getting you a gift. They ‘re close to you and they know the things you like and don’t like. They know what you’ve always wanted as a gift on your wedding day, so they’ll know exactly what to get!


  • Hair and Makeup

Your bridesmaids will want professional hair and makeup services when attending your wedding. Why not let them cover their own hair and makeup expenses as a gift to you?


Now, with you, your bridesmaids, the groom, the groomsmen, and everyone else in attendance, what do you think would be the perfect gift for everyone? Great music and quality, fun entertainment!

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