So many men ask the age-old question of how to keep the engagement ring hidden, safe, and away from their partner’s prying eyes. You definitely don’t want your partner seeing the ring just before you ask her to marry you, especially if you two stay close to each other or she is always coming to visit. If you don’t have a clue about where to hide the ring, we’ll help you out. Listed below are a few great places and ideas on how to keep the ring away from your partner before you propose.



  • Jeweler 

Keeping the ring with your jeweler until the ideal date is the best option at your disposal. Your partner won’t know about the ring nor even locate which jeweler or shop you bought it from is.


  • Office 

Your office is one place she won’t visit too often, for obvious reasons. Even if she suspects it’s at the office, there really isn’t much she can do to find it, short of going through every cubicle and rummaging through every drawer. Your office is a safe place for the ring if you worry about your partner finding it.


  • High Shelf

This might seem a tad bit too obvious and simple but if your partner can’t reach the hiding spot, there’s no risk she won’t be able to find the ring, will she? The beauty here lies in simplicity!

A kitchen pantry or a high shelf in a linen closet are great places to hide the ring, particularly if you push the ring’s box far back until it touches the wall.


  • A close friend 

If she is going to be snooping around your things, ask a member of your family or a close friend to hold on to the engagement ring. Just make sure they know the proposal is confidential and nothing should slip out. Your big brother or best friend is a good candidate for this job.


  • The attic 

A lot of ladies stay clear of the attic because no one likes walking into dust and cobwebs, do they? Even if your partner is all but certain the ring is there, she will stay clear of the attic. Conversely, you should still keep the ring hidden, even if it’s in the attic. Your engagement ring is finally hidden in a safe place, right? Good, now it’s time you tend to other matters like your wedding entertainment!


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