Wedding vendors are extremely important because they play a key role in making your fantasies become reality. Hence, it is important to communicate with them effectively, lest you suffer a bad wedding experience. Beyond phone calls and nice text messages, here are 4 tips to keep in mind when communicating with your wedding vendor.



  • Keep everything organized

Keeping all your wedding documents and contracts organized is very important because it will help when referring to deliverables and costs. Create notes for conversations and expenditure in a notebook or type it and save it in the cloud too-it’s actually better to od both. Frequently check your mail and move all conversations with your vendors to a designated folder.


  • Keep things concise and to the point

Don’t make the wrong impression on your vendor by with long and boring conversations when you meet in person or over a call. Tell them exactly what you need without wasting time with unnecessary information. Let them know the wedding theme and colors you prefer and how many flower vases you want ad the kind of decorations too, etc. You should also try to keep positive energy while being concise so you don’t appear rude.

It can be confusing dealing with multiple people so assigning a point of contact with a vendor is quite important because it helps reduce stress and anxiety. You will need help because you might not be able to relay all the information you want. This is where your fiancé, mother, or even your best friend comes in.


  • Be mindful of your timeline

One of the first things to let your vendor know is that there is a timeline for all the deliverables. You should always schedule a meeting or call to check how things are going and when there is a change in plans. The timeline will help set priorities and define tasks for your vendors. You will also know the completed projects, what is being delayed, and the next item to tend to.


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