Creating a website is the first thing to do just after picking your wedding date. Your wedding site will include all information about your big day, ranging from dress code to the venue of the wedding and more important details. Your website is what your guests will turn to if they have questions and can’t reach you in person. Thus, we’ve made a guide on how to create a personalized website for your wedding.



  • Select template 

The first thing you should do when creating a wedding website is to research custom themes. Browse through the options made available and pick the one that best represents you as a couple. You can also customize the URL to reflect your names or wedding hashtag, which will make it easier to search for. It is also imperative to make the website user friendly so that your guests can interact and navigate around it easily.


  • A welcome message 

A welcome message is a written content that you first meet with when you open a website. Your welcome message should include your names, wedding date, and location. Next, you can share a simple message about your relationship and proposal as part of the welcome message. Your guests will want to read about how you first met and what was her reaction when you proposed and more of such short but fun stories.


  • Engagement photos

You probably have a lot of great shots from your proposal and engagement shoots. Pick your favorites from these pictures and add them to the front page of your website. Adding pictures is a creative way to personalize your website. And you can add throwback pictures from the early days of the relationship too!


  • Dress code information

Guests always wonder what to wear to a wedding because most couples don’t give clarity on the dress code. To ease fashion concerns, expand more on what you want guests to wear to your wedding reception. Add details so they’re certain what’s expected of them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all suits and tuxes, no. Your dress code can entail a beach top with cream short or Polo shirt and chinos; it’s up to you. The dress code details save some of your guests the embarrassment of being the odd ones out.


A wedding website is great but excellent wedding music is more important, we’re sure you’ll agree with us. What good does it do you if your guests are all dressed great but are forced to endure mediocre music? It’s is thus imperative to hire vendors that will make the wedding as memorable as possible.

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