Gone are the days when DJs were only known to mix, scratch, and spin turntables. A professional DJ now doubles as a master of ceremonies and can be the difference between a great event and a mediocre one.

DJs are a ‘class’ of entertainers who can easily change the entire mood of a place in mere seconds. Nightbeat Entertainment can attest to this because we’ve been offering modern and elegant DJ services and entertainment since day one.

When we play, we breathe new life into a celebration, be it a wedding, party, birthday, or any special event. One of the best venues we’ve had the privilege to work with is Gable Hill.

Gable Hill, located in Southwest Michigan, is today’s venue spotlight too. Hosting an event there yields nothing but wonderful experiences.



  • Why should couples choose Gable Hill as their wedding venue?

For one, Gable Hill has remarkably scenic views. They sit on picturesque acres of land that’s surrounded by the Streaters Mill Pond, which is a thing of beauty on its own. The natural lighting alone makes the place perfect for your wedding pictures.

As a matter of convenience, Gable Hill has a bridal cottage on site for maids and groomsmen and anyone else who needs it. The cottage is a place where guests can prepare and get ready for the events of the day.

Gable Hill is easy to find too, and the lighted and accessible parking space is more than a thoughtful addition because it means Gable Hill was erected with the elderly and disabled in mind.

All in all, the venue’s natural setting gives it a touch of elegance and romance that go hand in hand with intimate affairs like weddings and the kind of entertainment Nightbeat Entertainment offers.


  • What distinguishes Gable Hill from other event centers?

The owners, Jillian and Gable Hill, make all the difference! They are flexible, warm, and friendly; they go out of their way to make their guests happy. Both of them are always quick to answer all your questions and are helpful throughout the process and stay on top of things.


  • Do you offer catering services?

Yes, they do. Excellent catering services, as a matter of fact. Gable Hill has provided ample space for catering services within the barn for convenience. They have a list of licensed vendors that always deliver and meet up with all demands.

Perhaps Gable Hill’s most distinct feature is how it offers a brilliant, direct view of a lake, which serves as the perfect backdrop for a grand outdoor ceremony. And the bridal suite is within walking distance from there, so guests can prepare without straying too far from it.

Last but not least is the dance floor, appropriately located in the barn. It can easily accommodate 200 people, give or take a few happy guests. But what’s a dance floor without a DJ, right?

Nightbeat Entertainment will gladly fill that spot. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the level of elegance we bring to any event. We’re a husband and wife duo who understand why music and entertainment are necessary ingredients in your wedding.

Give us a call (+1 616-389-0196) or come see us on our website, https://nightbeatent.com/, and learn more about us and what we do. Nightbeat Entertainment will fill your wedding with class and elegance, making it a truly special and momentous ceremony-even more special than it already is!