For those of you who have spent lockdown planning the key elements of the daytime, you might now be at the stage where you’re just turning your attention to the matter of your evening’s entertainment


There’s an awful lot of different types and styles of entertainment to choose from, and we understand that it can be really daunting trying to find a fantastic addition to your wedding day, that will keep all of your guests entertained throughout the entire evening.  


At Night Beat Entertainment, we are committed to providing exceptional entertainment for our clients, to make sure that their wedding day is the best celebration of their lives. From our extensive experience in the industry, we know just how much of a fantastic, fun and memorable atmosphere a professional DJ brings to the evening of a wedding


So, for those of you who are trying to plan your wedding entertainment, we wanted to use this blog post to share our top 5 reasons why hiring a professional DJ for your celebration is the perfect way to make sure that your evening is jam-packed with fun filled memories. 


  1. It leaves you with nothing to worry about on the day, and you can thoroughly enjoy the evening’s celebrations alongside your guests. 
  2. As well as playing songs, DJs are a great way to announce different key parts of the evening, such as toasts or the cutting of the cake. 
  3. High quality speakers and equipment all comes sorted for you – alongside all of the know-how when it comes to the right music choices, a professional DJ also brings with them top of the range equipment, too. 
  4. A fantastic variety of music – they can choose different songs and styles of music to create different ambiences, so set the perfect mood for all of the different moments that make up the evening.  
  5. Personalised playlists – our fantastic DJs work closely with all of our clients, to ensure that your wedding day playlist is bespoke and perfectly suits your signature style as a couple. 


At Night Beat Entertainment, our team of superb DJs ensure that your wedding day entertainment is absolutely flawless. We provide a service that is highly bespoke, designed to make sure that your wedding is everything that you had ever dreamt that it would be. So, if you would like to learn more about our fantastic services, just get in touch with us and we would be delighted to speak to you.