We love all of the little luxuries that you get at a wedding, and one of our favorites is delicious little canapes. Although they can be the bit of the wedding feast that most often gets neglected or forgotten about, they add so much glamour and sophistication to an event. 


What’s more, they provide a brilliant opportunity for the couple to give their guests a bit more of a sense of who they are and what their personal sense of style and taste is like. Even though they’re only little treats, they really give the couple a chance to get creative and add a lot of personality to the reception. So with this in mind, the Night Beat Entertainment team had a think, and we came up with a list of our favorite clever ideas for stand out wedding canapes, to add a bit of glamour or an unusual twist to your ceremony. 



  • Little spring rolls
  • Savoury tarts – like yummy little quiches, red onion and goats cheese, roasted mediterranean vegetables or cheese and bacon
  • Mini tacos 
  • Blinis – these can be topped with everything, from smoked salmon with caviar right through to caramelised onion and oozy camembert cheese
  • Tiny burgers
  • Deli smoked meats (like chorizo, parma ham, prosciutto)
  • Skewers (of things like scallops, vegetables, roast beef, pretty much anything that you can come up with!)
  • Samosas
  • Shrimp cocktails
  • Salmon rolls
  • Sushi
  • Sausage rolls
  • Luxury cheese and crackers 
  • Cucumber bites topped with cream cheese and herbs



  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Cake pops (or you could even get pie pops!)
  • Little shot glasses filled with decadent mousses and trifles 
  • Mini eclairs
  • Sweet tarts – like a rich and boozy chocolate tart, tangy lemon or caramelised spiced apple
  • Mini donuts
  • Lollipops
  • Brownie bites
  • Cookies
  • Fudge
  • Bite sized cakes
  • Meringue kisses
  • Macaroons 


These canapes can be vibrant, colorful, and cover a huge range of different foods – whether it be sophisticated classics or intriguing globally inspired fusion dishes – that can be offered out to your guests throughout the evening. You could also incorporate different elements that play a key part of your day into the canapes too – these could be things like your theme for the day, the season and time of year, or even a color theme that you might have chosen.  

Most importantly, whatever you choose, make sure that the canapes on your wedding day are a good representative of your favorite foods. This will add a touch of your personality throughout your wedding, and into the food that you serve on your day. 

At Night Beat Entertainment, we’re a Michigan-based wedding entertainment company, who specialise in bringing out the personality and uniqueness of a couple through our entertainment

We work closely with all of our clients, to make sure the evening celebrations that end your wedding day makes for the perfect romantic, fun and highly personalised finale.