Weddings are, by their nature, absolutely full of gorgeous, special details that make the day one that is filled with sentiment, romance, glamour and so, absolutely unforgettable.


While this is something that is absolutely wonderful about weddings, it certainly doesn’t make things easy for a couple who are trying to plan their own ceremony! It is this reason why we so strongly recommend hiring a professional wedding planner to all of our clients.


There’s so many plus points to hiring a wedding planner, one of the most important being that it helps you stay calm and organized (and that’s including both the weeks and months of planning that would normally come before the wedding, as well as on the day itself). They can also work closely with you to find out little finer details that you would like for your wedding day, then use their expertise to make all these beautiful intricacies happen. 


As wedding entertainers, we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a lot of fantastic wedding event planners. So, we thought we’d provide our clients with a bit of an extra helping hand, by recommending one of our absolute favorite professional planners. This is why we wanted to use this edition of our vendor spotlighting blog to write about Love in Bloom events. 


Love in Bloom absolutely pride themselves on being, in their own words, ‘dream makers’. They provide a huge range of services to their clients, throughout all of which they work on a very close, personal basis with the couple to ensure that every little thing that they want for their wedding is present on the day.  


The wonderful services that they provide their clients with include everything from event management right through to the day’s exquisite floral design. So, under their expert supervision, you’re guaranteed that your wedding day will go ahead absolutely flawlessly. 


While you’re getting things ticked off your wedding to-do list, why not check out what Night Beat Entertainment can provide for your wedding entertainment. The services that we provide unite sophistication and a fun, celebratory atmosphere in the best possible way. We are a husband and wife team who provide all of our clients with a fantastic level of personalization, in everything from our live mixing to custom lighting


So, if you would like to learn more about what we do and the services that we can offer you, do not hesitate to get in touch to speak to a member of our fantastic team about how we can provide entertainment that is guaranteed to perfect your special day.