As your wedding day draws in to the evening, the celebrations continue and the party will be an unforgettable one. It’s an occasion to celebrate love and the opportunity for your loved ones to share in their delight at your joy. When it gets dark out, we love the chance that this brings to make the ceremony that extra bit more exciting, and add a little extra touch of romance too.


So we thought about some of our favorite lighting, multimedia and decorative effects that really come alive at night, along with some of our favorite ideas and inspirations for making the outdoor parts of your venue a breathtaking night time scene. In this blog post, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite ways in which to take your ceremony to the next level as the sun sets.




  • Fireworks

If you’re looking for a show, fireworks will light up the night sky and provide a fabulous spectacle for your reception. 


  • Wooden torches

If your venue permits it, big statement wooden torches provide a fantastic dramatic feature for your outdoor space, that look breathtaking at night. 


  • Candlelight 

Candles provide a softer, more subtle romantic lighting, but they make a venue look absolutely magical at night time. 


  • Fire pits

These are a great way to both provide a stunning feature piece for your venue’s transition into the night time, as well as making for a lovely sociable spot where guests can chat and relax while gazing into the flames. 




  • Sparklers 

Designed for indoor use, these provide a dazzling addition to a dance floor and add glamour and excitement to the evening’s events. 


  • Smoke machine

A beautiful smoky effect will create a touch of elegant drama for your venue. When used on the dancefloor, it can even create the romantic illusion of the newlywed couple dancing on a cloud. 


Whether it be putting your name in lights, incorporating custom designs or animations, or using image or video projections, this technique provides a stunning feature piece which makes your venue really come alive at night.  


At Night Beat Entertainment, we’re a wedding entertainment company based in Michigan, and we provide our guests with a sensational range of services to make your wedding venue look magnificent. Our innovative range of lighting and design options encompasses a huge range of different types and styles, ensuring that we can provide the perfect option to meet the image that you have in your mind of the evening celebrations to round off your dream wedding