Shopping for a wedding gift for a new couple can be hard, especially if you are on a low budget or all the great stuff on their gift registry has been ticked. This might cause a little anxiety because you don’t want to be the only guest or friend that won’t be sending a gift pack to the new couple. Well, here are some thoughtful wedding gifts that every couple will love.



  • Experience and excursions 

You can check in the couple’s registry and book a fun experience either in their home town or on a weekend getaway. All you have to do is to ensure the couple can book the excursions on a date that suits them. One good thing about excursions is that it helps the couple to bond while away from friends or family in the first days of their marriage. Such experiences will be extremely fun, and they’ll appreciate your gesture more than you realize.


  • Photo printing and framing

Photos are one very big investment that couples make for their wedding because they are always nostalgic. It is well known that couples hire wedding photographers, but most of them forget about frames or albums. You can always purchase a frameset for them or register them with a framing company where they can pick their customized frames and printed photos. One great thing about printed photos is that they get to see it every day and, when this happens, you will always be remembered too.


  • Spa gift card

Everyone likes to relax and get pampered, especially after the stress of a wedding. You should be the person that gets a spa gift for them. They will think highly of you as someone who cares about their wellbeing and mental health. You can pay for a local spa or get them a spa gift card as they jet out for their honeymoon. We promise they will call to say thank you.

  • Meal-kit delivery service 

A meal kit delivery service is not a bad idea for newlyweds. You will save time and money for their weekly grocery as they look to lighten up activities in the early days of their marriage. Make a schedule with a grocery store to deliver food items to them and on other days, send in cooked food if you can.


  • Custom luggage tags

A customized luggage tag with their monogram is going to be an unexpected gift. This will be exactly what the doctor ordered as most couples travel for their honeymoon right after marriage. Now that we have a list of the best gifts to buy for newlyweds, the best DJ to play at their wedding reception is Nightbeat Entertainment. We are professional DJs and entertainers in Michigan. Contact us here and see what we can do to make your wedding ceremony a truly fun and memorable one. Reach out to us for professional DJ services and excellent entertainment. You can reach us at 3817 Embarcadero St, Waterford Twp, MI 48329.