There is no limit to the amount of fun to be had at a wedding. Take advantage of that, personalize your day and make it a memorable one. We have outlined 5 things that you can use to make your day truly yours. They worked great for couples before you and they’ll work great for you too!



Make your wedding venue a meaningful one. Utilize a place that’s significant to you or your partner. It could be where you first laid eyes on each other or where you had your first kiss. It could also be where your parents had their wedding. Places like this have sentimental value, making them even better options.


Instead of the traditional white gown of the bride and the groom’s suit, why not just wear what makes you happy? It’s your wedding and nobody will chastise you for breaking tradition. Use fashion to reveal your personality and style.


  • Customize the Menu

As an individual, you may have a favorite dish. Include that dish on the menu and share it with your guests. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dish; it could a type of food you really like or a late-night snack or even your cheat meal. Just add something you enjoy onto the menu.


  • Personalize Ceremony Programs

Share your love story with your guests-the good and bad. You can play games at the ceremony too, and make sure you include the guests well. Contrary to the traditional two-sided sitting arrangement, make yours round. This will even make the games you play feel more intimate. You can also have more than one person walk you down the aisle.


In most weddings, couples just gift their guests’ random gifts which eventually find homes in abandoned drawers or the attic. Add a personal touch to gifts, make them something meaningful to you.

Your guests will understand how important that is and the value attached to it. They’ll cherish it simply because it’s a token of gratitude from you to them. Plus, this will make them remember your wedding whenever they see or use the gift.

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