Wedding day anxiety is a feeling no one has an antidote for, unfortunately. But there are workarounds. But in all honesty, feeling anxious is quite normal because a wedding is no small affair, regardless of whether it’s a small or grand wedding. Nonetheless, we’ve put together 5 tips that can help ease you before you finally say “I do.”



  • Let go-off formalities 

One of the first things to consider in putting off anxiety is to let go of formalities that will make either of the couple unnecessarily anxious. If you aren’t too keen on being the center of attention, ditch the impromptu speeches, the couple dance, etc. Any event you participate in at your wedding should be something that’s relaxing and doesn’t put the spotlight on you. You don’t need the pressure of impressing your guests or friends to add to what’s already a busy day.


  • Let out your anxiety 

People won’t be able to help you unless you tell them what’s wrong, no? Confide in your loved ones and tell them how nervous you are, seeing so many faces at your wedding. There will be people who have felt exactly the same way, you did and they can offer excellent advice or even comfort you.


  • Keep your mind above the matter 

Practice being cheerful at your wedding from the day you picked the date, through all the wedding preparations. Look for simple daily events, or memories that keep you happy as you prepare for the big day. This technique finds its way into your mind and helps you stay happy through your wedding day.


  • Lean on your friends

The most anxious moments in life are when we’re surrounded by strange faces. You should remember that a large percentage of the guests at your wedding will be friends, family, and colleagues at work, but not everyone will be familiar to you. All eyes will be on you, yes, but your guests are there to celebrate with you.


  • Hold your partner 

One reason you’re getting married is to show your guests how happy and proud you are to be spending a lifetime with someone you love dearly. Nothing else should matter other than you two. But if it seems anxiety is going to get the best of you, seek solace and comfort in your partner. Once you’re back to your old self again, give your speech or throw your bouquet and join the rest of your loved ones on the dance floor.


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