Despite the fact COVID-19 is finally losing potency, a lot of weddings are still postponed, with restrictions on social gathering. However, some brides are still interested in getting to walk the aisle with their man on the fixed date, as they hold the original date dear to them. Some of our clients are considering a getaway with few people while some others are thinking of a virtual wedding. There are still many viable options open to you, so here are a few ways to hold your wedding on a fixed date despite the pandemic.



Some countries like Australia and Canada are allowing micro weddings of five people, which will only allow the couple, the presiding clergy, and two witnesses. There are, however, couples who are making options for themselves by bringing along videographers and photographers and asking them to be witnesses. You can do what you want and come up with what brings you joy, provided you don’t abuse the regulations put in place for social gatherings.


Recently, we found out that a few of our wedding florists are still taking projects for events, particularly weddings. This means you can still host an intimate wedding ceremony at home with the help of a florist. With floral arrangements, you can pull up a surprise for your fiancé and coordinate one or two close relatives or neighbors to make the event memorable.


  • A movie Marathon with Friends on Netflix

Since you would like your wedding to take place on the agreed date and you don’t want a virtual DJ or a small wedding, then a movie marathon is a great option. How to make this happen, you will send out invitations in advance to your friends, asking them to be your guest at your Netflix virtual date. You can also complement the invitation with movie snacks and bottles of celebratory champagne and make the event special, making everyone feel the uniqueness of a wedding celebration.


  • A Virtual Party Is Possible

A lot of virtual events are ongoing, with DJ Nice hosting 160,000 on his Instagram live dance party. The event had Rihanna, former American First Lady Michelle Obama, and a host of other top personalities in attendance. Your wedding list might not have all these names, but a virtual dance party can hold on your wedding date. All you need is your favorite DJ on IG live and then start the party after exchanging vows.

With the possibility of a virtual Wedding, simply reach out to Nightbeat Entertainment and we’ll handle it for you. We’ll keep your guests dancing regardless of wherever they are. Being a professional wedding entertainment company, we’ll provide an awesome music experience for your wedding guests. Give us a call (+1 616-389-0196) or reach out to us on our website.