How do you get your wedding to trend for a week after the event? How do you get the internet to rave about its most beautiful moments? This is all possible, but only if you create the right wedding hashtags. Your guests and friends will probably want to share the good memories forged at your wedding and you’ll want to collate everything and keep personal copies even if they’ve already been shared on social media. These tips will help you track down your pictures on social media after your big day.


  • Be creative about it 

You have to look for a way to make your hashtag fun by utilizing creative ideas. You could come up with acronyms of your names or family names for inspiration. You can also add the date and year to make it easy for your overseas friends to search for the pictures. This is especially important because any of them would have wanted to be at the wedding.

You can have something like KimYe from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Using #KimYe2014 makes it more specific to search, so emulate that for your wedding. You can also use nicknames if the acronyms for your real names are quite common.


  • Make it short 

There are so many characters to use for Instagram captions or in a twitter trend, so ensure that the hashtag is short because it makes it easy to remember. These will help guests keep track of the conversations going on about your wedding and can even help with what to expect at your wedding. To achieve this, you will want to keep it around 15 – 20 characters. If you are thinking of using long names, you might consider shortening it for the sake of easy search.


  • Make sure it works 

There are a lot of hashtags that don’t actually work and you don’t want to punch your wedding hashtag into a search bar and see a blank page. Skip what doesn’t work and focus on what does. Include commas and punctuation marks to make them better. You should also give a try before the big day so that you know the hashtag actually works.


  • Your guests must be aware 

Your guests are the reason you are creating a wedding hashtag, so you have to let them know once it goes live. Include reminders on your online invite, wedding website, and signage around the reception venue.  Such reminders will help your guests put the hashtags to good use after the wedding.

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