We might not be able to exhaust the list of things that can happen when your best friend is getting married because such a list could be potentially endless. The feeling can go from excitement to even a bit of jealousy that you are losing your best friend to someone else. If you’re unsure what your closest friend getting married entails, the list below might help a bit.



  • Excitement 

Your friend getting hitched is obviously great news and you might actually be more excited than him/her You will be the first to put the news on social media and tell your other friends. So be prepared for all the celebration that comes next.

  • A Pat on the Back

Do you remember the first time the couples met? Your friend was hesitant about exchanging contacts but you stepped in and convinced them. And you were the one who helped compose those text messages when the relationship was about to hit the rock. Your friend will probably remind you of how helpful and supportive you’ve been and how appreciative they are; a pat on the back will feel good, won’t it?

  • A Little Jealousy 

In all honesty, there might a little bit of jealousy too because you’re probably going to be ‘second place’ to your friend from now on. While they are planning the wedding, your friend will have far less time to spend with you. This is particularly true if you two are extremely close. But remember how important the wedding is to your friend and suppress all feelings of jealousy as best you can.

  • PA to the bride

This applies to brides only. The first role you will assume before the wedding day is that of a personal assistant. You’ll have to stand by her and tend to her every need; put in effort and dedication as if it’s your own wedding being planned. All preparations for the wedding will run through you, so you’ll have to be on standby. Both of you will make plans that will run late into the night because you might not have a choice.

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