A micro wedding, as you probably know, is a small wedding with a few guests. Usually, the number of guests hovers around 50 or even much less. It has all the fixings of a wedding but just on a smaller scale. You might think it’s cheap, right? It’s not. Don’t let the scale of such a wedding belie its expense.

Nonetheless, micro weddings are great in their own ‘little’ way, and they certainly don’t cost as much as large-scale weddings. These days, couples opt for micro weddings more often than past couples did, and for a number of reasons. For one, unlike elopement, your closest friends, family, and loved ones get to witness your special day if you have a micro wedding. Here are 4 more things that make such a wedding meaningful.



Guest experience

Due to the size and nature of micro weddings, your guests get to relax and enjoy the ceremony more. You pay more attention to them. You do things for them that otherwise will not be possible had there be hundreds of people in attendance. With excess funds at your disposal, the sky is the limit.



Micro weddings are dubbed “intimate weddings” for a very good reason. You easily forge connections with your guests even if you’re not too familiar with all of them. And because your guest list has been significantly shrunk, that just more time to spend on people. That also means the wedding is more private hence, more intimate.



Although you get to splurge more at a micro wedding, it’s still relatively inexpensive compared to large-scale weddings. On the other hand, micro weddings can still be expensive too, depending on the type of vendors you hire and the kind of services you want. But it’s a wedding, so spending a bit more than you planned is not money wasted, is it?



An opportunity presents itself with micro weddings; an opportunity to break away from age-old traditions. You make your own rules and decide how events play out. Every detail can be personalized and made more meaningful. From the invitations to the design and cake, let everything reflect you.

Furthermore, all things that you and your partner don’t consider important are skipped. And knowledge of your guests can come in quite handy. For example, creating fun activities that everyone will enjoy will be a breeze.

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