Celebrating your wedding ceremony with family and friends should be something you thoroughly enjoy. Stress should not be a part of it any way, though it often rears its ugly head. But the right vendors and professionals go a long way in making sure your event plays out exactly the way you want.

Thus, choosing the right DJ for music and entertainment means sweet music from the start to the end of the ceremony and it means another part of the wedding you don’t have to worry about.

DJs do far more than just play songs; they make or break the day. Here are some qualities we think you should look for when hiring a DJ.


  • Professionalism

It goes without saying that professional DJs know their stuff. They know what to play and when to play it. They do their homework before performing at your wedding, making all the necessary preparations ahead of time. They anticipate anything that could possibly go wrong and make provisions for all the necessary solutions.


Professional DJs learn about you. They learn your names, the names of some family, and friends and a few other people who mean something to you. Why do they do? In some cases, it’s all but necessary.

Imagine a situation where your DJ is also your MC and because they don’t know your names, they end up referring to you as the bride and groom all night long.


  • Personality

Your DJ’s personality matters a lot. With a charming personality, they will make the night flow seamlessly. An observant DJ will be able to read the energy of the room and from there, they will know what to do to make the experience even better.


  • Flexibility

You never know how the event is going to end, so it’s wise to hire a DJ that is dynamic and can quickly adapt to any situation. DJs like this read the crowd accordingly. It’s possible that things might not run as smoothly as intended at the ceremony and your DJ could be the one who saves the day.

For example, the dinner could be late, the person giving the toast could be nowhere to be found, etc. The DJ will cover these hiccups by playing or saying something appropriate. They maintain your schedule and work with your photographers and caterers-among others-to make sure everything is in sync.


  • Passion

Your DJ’s passion for music and his work will determine how much fun your reception night will be. If he loves what he does, then you best believe he’ll give his all for your wedding ceremony.

That’s the kind of dedication we show our clients. We show them how passionate we are about what we do and how much we’d love to perform at their wedding. We are Nightbeat Entertainment from Waterford Township, Michigan.

We offer wedding DJs and entertainment services throughout the state of Michigan. With Nightbeat Entertainment, you should expect nothing short of amazing performances!

We differentiate ourselves from other entertainment companies by making ‘guest experience’ our number one goal. We focus on new technologies, talent, and creativity. Our events are high-class and as modern as they come. We make it personal, we make it fun!

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