Asking friends or family for money when planning a wedding is awkward, isn’t it? Most people prefer to give you gifts or plan privately with vendors to give you a surprise at the wedding reception. Well, couples are now forgoing the traditional wedding gifts and asking friends for money in a bid to bolster their account. Though asking for money is getting popular, some couples still don’t know how to do it, which is why we have put together this guide to help you cater to this little issue.



  • Create an online registry

There are sites that allow you to ask for money to fund your wedding, with the money credited into your account. These sites have options for all kinds of wedding registries-from honeymoon to vendor engagement to cash funds. All you have to do is set up an account of the platform and share the link with your guests, family, and friends. This makes the process easy to use and accessible to everyone.


  • Be subtle in your approach

Putting a statement on your wedding invitations can be seen as embarrassing or a social blunder, and it discourages some couples from asking for money. We suggest dedicating a section of your website to the cash registry so your guests will see the option that you don’t mind them monetizing gifts. Likewise, you can ask your friends and inner circle to subtly spread the word so more people are aware that you prefer money to gifts. You never know; it’s possible your guests might even prefer to give money to gifts.


  • Let your guests know how the money will be used

Your guests will be more open to giving you cash gifts if you are open about how the money will be spent. The most important point here is trust between you and them. Perhaps you want to have a getaway honeymoon, donate to a charity, or purchase a new home as a couple?

You can do this by putting up a story on your website about how you intend to use the money given to you. The words can go like this; In our bid to contribute to the waterfalls children foundation, we will be grateful for a cash donation to physical gifts.


  • Being greedy is not an option

Your guests are giving you money out of the goodness of their heart, so don’t put a price tag for everyone because, frankly, it’s rude and will probably put a lot of people of. Appreciate every penny you’re offered, even if it’s below your expectation.

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