The maid of honor has almost the same role as the bride when plans are ongoing for a wedding. As the lead bridesmaid, you will be the go-to person for the event, and you will share the bride’s excitements and burdens. To make the bride proud of you as a friend, here are 4 things you must get familiar with if you’re going to be the maid of honor.



  • Be the messenger

You will run a lot of errands which might include calling vendors, meeting with the planner, and moving back and forth to collect gifts on the day of the wedding. This is your job and you will have to do it with love and patience. You don’t have to complain because you will also have a maid of honor to be your messenger at your wedding, so this is your turn to prove yourself just as someone will prove themselves to you.


  • Keep the bride calm 

The bride will most likely suffer from anxiety or cold feet a few minutes to her wedding. It is your duty to save her from being stressed and, in the worst scenario, having a total breakdown. You will come along with her favorite music, amusing videos, and more to keep her calm.


  • Host the bridal shower 

You will be responsible for planning the bridal shower and fully responsible for picking the theme, venue, and conveying other single ladies to the event. The bridal shower, which has to be fun, will get you looking out for the best DJ, decorations, etc. If the bride decides to give an impromptu speech, you might have to draft one right on the spot.


  • Guests RSVP 

You are going to be the go-to person for guests because you will help out in answering questions about the wedding. Some guests will consult you on what to buy for the couple, others will seek details concerning the event from you. You will have to be available and approachable at all times.

It’s worth noting that this role could be overwhelming if you have a full-time job, so we advise that you get one or two other ladies to help out in these duties.


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