The budget for your wedding should be the top priority when having conversations about your wedding plans. A lot of couples do not have these discussions and that only leads to unnecessary stress. And that doesn’t bode well for anyone planning a wedding.

Most couples just go with the tide and that’s certainly not a smart way to handle it. The budget conversation should involve your wedding planner, friends, family, and most important of all, your partner.

Once you’ve completed your wedding budget, you can go ahead and send invites to your friends and loved ones. But before that, this is what you need to do.



  • Talk to Your Partner

The importance of talking to your partner about your wedding budget cannot be overemphasized. We know it’s a tough one for most couples but we always advise and encourage couples to do this. You can start by talking about what you both desire; what you hope your wedding feels like. Next, follow that with what you are willing to spend on your big day.

You can further discuss where the wedding should be held: Will it be a local or destination wedding? Talk about what percentage of your income or savings should go into the wedding budget and whether you both agree on having families contribute to the wedding budget. These are but a few of the many important points you shouldn’t disregard.


  • Talk to your Parents and Family

A lot of couples welcome help with their wedding plans from their parents, siblings, and extended family. If you are going to take contributions from them, you must clearly communicate what your budget entails and take them through the wedding planning. Doing this means This everyone will be on the same page and you have more eyes tracking your expenses for you.


  • Talk to Your Friends and Loved Ones

A friend in need is a friend indeed, goes the old saying. We believe this is true. Your friends are there for you even on days less important than your big day, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them too.

What you can discuss with them includes how much they are willing to give, do they have preferences on giving you money or do they have a separate plan? You can also ask them to communicate what areas they are willing to offer support because this helps avoid the clash of roles or interests.

Once you’re satisfied with your budget, reach out to the other individuals who’ll help make the wedding a reality. Reach out to us! We are Nightbeat Entertainment, a wedding and entertainment company from Waterford Township, Michigan. Come see us at 3817 Embarcadero St, Waterford Twp, MI 48329.

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