Your dad remains one of the most important men in your life, so it only makes sense for you to make him feel special on your wedding day. Some people say their dad is their first love and mentor. This is very true, and your wedding day is the perfect medium to show just how much you appreciate him; to show the world that he is the first man behind your smile. If you are looking for ways to make your father feel special at your wedding, the tips below might help out a bit.


  • Stage a photoshoot

We know that your photographer will be very busy at your wedding but one session you should not miss is a photograph with your father; not the family photo session but the one with your dear father. Find a spot in your venues with a great backdrop and lightning, then ask your photographer to take great photos. Your father will cherish this as much as you will because it’s a moment that can never be replicated.


  • Ask him for a speech 

Most traditions still allow the father of the bride’s speech. The speech is a moment for your dad to say all the great things about you and the love between you tow. It’s where he tells everyone how you spoiled his first Television set and how proud he is to have you as a son or daughter. It’s going to be an emotional movement for both of you, so have a tissue or handkerchief on your person. PS: You can allow both fathers to share the mics at different points. People should hear about your partner’s father also.


  • Wear something of his

This is going to be easy if you are a man as you can use your father’s pocket square or wear one of his old tuxedos. It can get interesting if, as the bride, you use one of his favorite baseball caps or wear his favorite suit on your ball gown. This gesture creates an emotional connection and tells your father how much he means to you.


  • Thank him in your closing remark 

This will make your father smile more than anyone else in attendance. It will mean the world to him but be brief about it lest you see teary eyes wherever you look.


  • Dance with your Father

Dancing with your father is timeless and always one of the most beautiful sights at a wedding. And this true whether you are a man or a woman. Don’t miss this dance for anything.

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