No one is going to stop you from proposing to your fiancé. People can only offer pieces of advice concerning marriage and the kind of person you should marry. But before you start drafting a proposal speech and go shopping for an engagement ring, you should ask yourself a few important questions before the day you say “I do”.



  • Does my partner bring out the best in me? 

The woman you are about to spend the rest of your life with must constantly inspire you and help you attain greater heights in your career, profession, and moral values. One of her roles as a partner is to motivate you and look out for opportunities that will be of value to you as her husband. After the wedding, your friends should be able to see you as a better man, friend, and colleague at work.



  • Do we want the same life goals? 

As a couple, your life goals might not be the same all the time, but you should be able to agree on so many things. You should both agree on the number of children you want to have; the financial goals you’ll set; the place of residence, etc. If your fiancé’s life goals do not match yours, you might want to reconsider asking her to be the one who spends the rest of her days with you.



  • Do we respect our differences?

A lot of marriages hit the rock bottom once their differences come into play. A lot of people can’t handle their partner’s weaknesses. There are men who are emotionally abused by their wives, because they snore heavily at night. Your partner coming from a different background means you will have differences that must be respected.



  • Will they make compromises for me? 

35% of American couples file for a divorce because one partner was not ready to reach a compromise. When planning for marriage, you must sincerely ask if your partner can make compromises for you. Will she allow you to turn the living room to your photo studio? The endgame of compromises is that everybody wins.



  • Are we compatible in bed? 

Sexual compatibility is very important in marriage. One partner must not be sulking after a bedroom encounter. You should have a deep connection to bedroom affairs. Sexual compatibility means your partner’s desire matches yours and you are always excited to get under the sheet with them.


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